Snowflake Patterns and Crafts

Snowflake patterns and crafts including snowflake ornaments, beaded snowflakes and snowflake candles.

Jingle Bell Snowflakes
Take a classic snowflake and jazz it up in an unexpected way using jingle bells.

Beveled Glass Snowflake
Jack Frost icing holiday decor with beveled-glass diamonds & metal-leafing and stickers.

Snowflake Tree Ornament
Rich in beauty and easy on the budget, this paper snowflake tree is crafted from pretty printed scrapbook paper.

Christmas Snowflake Crafts
Create these easy snowflake crafts & bring snowflakes indoors for the Holidays.

20 Spectacular Snowflakes
Each of the snowflakes in this slideshow were created with a pair of scissors and a folded piece of paper.

Quilled Snowflake
Plain paper is all you need to create special, sparkling snowflakes.

Doily Snowflakes
A little rubber cement and a doily equals a pretty snowflake for the tree or whatever.

Q-Tip Snowflake
So easy and fun to make plus they end result looks great.

Snowflake Window Clings
Give your windows a little glitz this holiday season with these glittery snowflakes.

Snowflake Pendant
Step-by-step tutorial with pictures shows how to create these elegant snowflake pendant.

Winter Wool Snowflake
Bright white woolen fabric, beads, and glitter make these snowflakes sparkle.

Wax Snowflakes
This project uses a special cookie cutter set that contains separate pieces for making cutouts.

Pony Bead Snowflake
If you can string beads then you can make this lovely pony bead snowflake for the tree.

Printable Snowflake Templates
Here are some free printable templates for holiday gift bags and tags.

Lacy Snowflake Ornament
This lacy snowflake is fast and easy to make and you could make several in an evening.

Snowflake Shapes & Patterns
This is a list of different snowflake patterns and shapes.

A Guide to Snowflakes
Scroll down this page for examples of the different types of snowflakes.

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