Recycled Christmas Crafts

What a great way to save money at Christmas by making recycled Christmas crafts. You will find all kinds of neat ideas below that you can make with items around your house.

Puzzle Snowflake Ornament

Glue together painted puzzle pieces and then add some glitter for a snowflake ornament to place on the Christmas tree.

Adorable Clay Pot Snowman

Here is a fun holiday project for recycling little clay pots and making them into adorable snowmen.

Scrap Fabric Trees

Make these cute trees using fabric scraps, piece of wood for the trunk and a few other supplies.

Beautiful Aluminum Can Wreath

You can make this stunning Christmas wreath using 8 aluminum cans, a cereal box, 2 jingle bells and a few other items.

Light Bulb Snowman Ornament

Make an adorable Christmas tree ornament using a used standard incandescent light bulb and this project.

Holiday Card Ornament

Using old holiday cards and this project you can make awesome ornaments to hang on your Christmas tree.

Wine Cork Christmas Tree

Make use of all those wine corks you have saved by creating a wine cork Christmas tree using this easy to follow project.

Coffee Can Wreath

Create a lovely Christmas wreath just by affixing colorful holiday items to a coffee can lid.

Santa Door Banner
Debbie Mumm says her Santa Banner is still one of the most requested, most beloved, designs of her career. This Santa banner will become one of your family's favorite Christmas keepsakes.

Christmas Card Ornaments
Make pretty Christmas tree ornaments out of last year's Christmas card using this craft project.

Five Recycled Wreaths

Choose from a newspaper wreath, bicycle wheel wreath, button's wreath, sweater wreath and a coffee sleeve wreath.

Frozen Fruit Juice Ornament
With pretty snowflakes you cut out yourself and a empty frozen fruit juice container you can create Christmas ornaments.

Christmas Light Reindeer Ornament

Make old burnt out Christmas bulbs into these cute reindeer ornaments to add to your Christmas tree decor.

Christmas Card Wrap

This project has instructions on how to take old Christmas cards and make them into pretty gift wrap.

Plastic Bag Wreath

If you can tie a knot then you can easily make this attractive plastic bag wreath to hang in the house or on the front door.

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