Christmas Ornaments to Make

Make your own Christmas ornaments this year with free instructions for homemade Christmas tree ornaments made from different mediums. Also visit our other ornaments pages:  Angel ornaments.

15 different Christmas ornaments
Including gingerbread Christmas ornaments, clothespin ornaments and shell ornaments.

Puzzle Piece Ornaments
Make this adorable candy cane ornament using red and white painted puzzle pieces.

Snowman Ornament
This fun ornament is perfect to give as a gift or add to your own Christmas tree.

Fairy Ornaments
These fairy ornaments are so cute and will stand out on the Christmas Tree.

Sparkling Snowflakes Ornament
You can create a set of these beautiful glitter ornaments within an hour.

Glitter Star Christmas Ornament
A simple star shape creates this sparkling ornament for the tree.

Wooden Christmas Tree Ornament
This tree is very easy to saw out and is decorated with just a bit of dimensional paint and glitter.

Beaded Copper Ball
Glue copper seed beads to a styrofoam ball and you have an awesome ornament.

Patriotic Christmas Ornaments
Make these patriotic Christmas ornaments this year and show off your red, white and blue! Angel, gingerbread man and flag ornaments to make out of wood.

Make a Paper Ornament
Neat dove ornament to make from folded paper.

Martha Stewart's Fabric Ornaments
These luminous fabric-covered ornaments are made without sewing a stitch, so they are the perfect project for kids old enough to work with pins.

Reindeer Christmas Ornaments
Instructions to make your own 3-D reindeer Christmas ornament. You could even make enough to have all Santa’s reindeer and attach a sleigh.

Christmas Ornaments
Several wood based ornaments to make. This is basically a painting project.

Glitter Ornament
Glitter that sparkles with each beam of light and adds a special touch to your tree.

Shaker Ornament
A step-by-step tutorial shows how to make this really cute tree ornament.

Christmas Trees
Instructions for cutting trees out of foam and decorating them to use as an ornament.

Wire Wreath Ornament
These are fun to create using colored wire and they look lovely.

Folk Art Ornaments
Spread a feeling of warmth and nostalgia with folk art-inspired ornaments.

Watercolor Ornament
Simple stamps enhanced with watercolor pencil shading that look like works of art.

German Paper Stars
Make lovely tree decorations and package toppers using this pattern for the German paper star.

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