Homemade Christmas Decorations

Many unique ideas for homemade Christmas decorations to make. Choose from hundreds of decorations below to make to decorate your house and tree for Christmas.

Christmas decorations on a shoestring
Fragrant pomanders, popcorn garlands, and fig and orange garlands to make.

Ideas for Christmas Decorations
Tree decor, decorating stairways, holidays themes. Christmas color and lots more.

Snow Globes
How to make a homemade Christmas globe including snow.

40 Home Decorating Ideas
Check out these great ideas for decorating both the interior and exterior of your home.

Frugal Christmas Decorations
Make Christmas decorations using things you already have around the house.

Christmas Decorations
About 20 great decorations suitable for kids and some great ideas for adults too.

Homemade Decorations
Many different Christmas decorations to choose from to make, including photo ornaments and spool lighthouse.

9 different decorations
Including candy cane mice, baby food Jar Christmas tree centerpiece and tiny Christmas trees.

Over 75 Christmas Projects
Decorations and ornaments all listed on this page.

Card Caddy
Here's a nice Christmas box with a handle that could be hold Christmas cards, candies or substitute as a Christmas basket.

Christmas Table Centerpiece
The angel with white or red candles will add a spark of Christmas to your dining room table.

Tree Candle Holder
Here's plans for a wooden Christmas tree and candles centerpiece.

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